About Us

About Us

How to Party like a Rockstar

Have you ever wanted to be the complete center of attention? #To have beautiful women at your fingertips who only wanted one thing: to get your attention, your time and ultimately your a!ection? Well, now you can have that fantasy and a whole lot more with New York GFE Club.

At New York GFE Club we offer the best New York escort services.. Imagine meeting gorgeous women who can fulfill any need you have - a party girl, a supermodel and everything in between. The innocent girl next door or the vixen that oozes sex appeal - we want to make your fantasies come to life whether it's for an hour, five hours, an entire night or an entire week.

Our models are available 24 hours day, from an hour to 24 hours or more, and from New York to Rome if you so desire. After all, what you desire is our business. Our goal isn't merely to provide you with a remarkable experience, but also to guard your privacy like you were an A-list star, because all of our clients are A-listers to us. Your privacy is vital and we want everyone to feel confident and in control so that you can enjoy your experience to its fullest. No concerns, only delights - that's the New York GFE Club difference.

Who We Are

For over two years, New York GFE Club has been introducing some of the most influential and a"uent men in the world to some of the most beautiful women New York has to o!er. We cater especially to elite gentlemen, including the CEO's of Fortune 500 companies. If you are a man who demands only the best from everything in your life but feel like you need a place to really throw your cares out the window and just have a good time with beautiful women, then you have found a home here at New York GFE Club.

Of course, because we cater to the elite and have only the most sought after New York escorts, we have standards for our members. Not everyone can be a part of this high-class club, but if you make the cut then an entire world of fun, enticing and drop-dead gorgeous NYC female escorts is just waiting for you for an hour, a night or a whole weekend.

What We Offer

Our stunning escorts in NYC are available for whatever fits your needs best. If you need an hour, she will be more than happy to provide that for you. If you need an entire night, our bevies of beauties are eager to please. Do you require a date to a destination outside of NYC? That is on the menu as well and one of our captivating models will make an eager travel companion for you. At New York GFE Club your wish is truly our desire. And that's why we're the best New York City escorts in the business and why our elite clientele keeps coming back time and again.

We know that men like you normally prefer to plan ahead, but you never know when one of our exceptional ladies will be needed for a good time. That's why last minute dates are welcomed. As we said, we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in order to cater whatever needs may arise.

If you're wondering if a half hour date is possible, we're sorry to inform you that our girls only schedule a date for an hour or more. We value your business so much, however, that we offer discounts for dates booked for two hours or more.

Many people are curious about how our fabulous females feel about couples. We have a select number of models that love to date couples and will be happy to be of service to you and your significant other. Our girls do what they do because love to pleasurable and please you, in whatever way you need them to. You simply need to remember that our model's rates are per person, so plan accordingly.

One of our biggest concerns is your privacy, which is why we offer discrete models and do not keep a clientele database. This is also why we only accept cash because we value - above all - your safety and security. We want you to feel protected and confident when you enjoy an evening with one of our dazzling NYC escorts, so leave the privacy to us and simply enjoy yourself.

Be One of Our Satisfied Customers

If we don't have you convinced of all that New York GFE Club can offer, just ask one of our extremely satisfied clients:

I know what you-re thinking - why hire an escort when you can go out into the this big, beautiful world and meet women on your own? I am a great with women, in and out of the bedroom, but I've always had a fascination of going on a date with an escort who was a total bombshell - and that's exactly what I got
- Benjamin, Law Firm Partner

The girls I met through New York GFE were hot, fun and always ready to party. Most of all, they really seem to enjoy what they do. I am a regular client now, and I would never trust anyone else but New York GFE Club with my time.
- Paul, Entrepreneur

Our Rates

This is an important question! Remember, at New York GFE Club we have some of the most exquisite beauties in the world as our models and thus have a very stringent selection process for our girls. We are also an agency that caters to only the most elite and upscale clients. Our rates may be shocking at first, but are a direct reflection of our values of privacy and pleasure that we want to extend to you.

Our rates range from $500 to $2,000 per hour. What do you get for that? You get an articulate, well spoken, educated and incredibly beautiful woman to spend time with. Our girls are high class, not high volume and you are a lucky man to spend time with one of our party girls.

Who Are Our Models?

As mentioned, our models are stunningly beautiful, both inside and out. They're intelligent, funny, and great conversationalists that want to spend time with you. Our New York escorts include centerfolds from Playboy, Penthouse, Maxim and FHM. They are actresses, models, supermodels, calendar girls, adult film stars and hail from America as well as Europe.

We tailor-make a date for you and our selection of models have been chosen to suit the preferences of our elite clientele. After all, we want your experience to be all you hope for and even more. We don't just recruit any girls we can find because we're not interested in providing a mediocre experience. Our models are exceptional in order to provide you with an exceptional experience. All of our girls are high class and must be fit, intelligent, have a warm and loving nature, possess poise, have impeccable manners and exude a natural elegance. Of course, our New York City escorts speak English, even if it's not their first language.

Whatever kind of woman you are looking to spend time with we most certainly have to offer, and she will value your privacy and have the utmost discretion during your time together. Our goal is to provide beauty, intellect, class, elegance, fitness, charm, skill, allure and discretion to you in one perfect and interesting little package. That's why of all the escort services in NYC, we are the best. But don't worry, even the most elegant ladies really know who to let their hair down and get loose - which is why, above all, they like to party.

As much as you value your privacy, our models value theirs. They love being your companion, but they also have a personal life where they may attend school, have other work they do or a family to care for. That's why our models like to maintain discretion. Your privacy is valued, and theirs must be valued as well.

You will not be able to contact your date by phone before your scheduled introduction. This is for their safety and privacy. We also will not send photos of our models to your through email or by phone. As we said, we're an elite NY escort agency and because of that, we have certain standards not just for our models, but our clients as well.

How You Can Belong

Our NYC escorts will always display the utmost decorum and class in all of your interactions with them, and that's what we expect from our clients as well - even when you're having the time of your life. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we feel does not meet our exacting standards, and we don't do business with low quality or ill-mannered individuals. If you treat our models with anything but complete respect, you will not be welcomed back. We want our introductions to be mutually enjoyable, and while you are the client and your experience is important for us, the experience for our models is equally important.

If you are interested in speaking with us about how you can become a member of our exclusive club, you can call us at 917-768-7223 . We will ask you some simple screening questions in order to assure us that you are of the right caliber for our services. You can also fill out a questionnaire on our website and we will respond to you within 12 to 24 hours if all the appropriate information was provided. If you don't receive a message it will be for one of the following reasons:

You did not send all of the requested verification information.

Your email was rude, vulgar or too graphic - remember, we want our clients to be gentlemen.

We do not waste time on emails that are deemed childish. If you have written something along the lines of You're hot I need to see you now you will not get a response.

It is our sincere belief that if you are interested in meeting and spending time with one of our models you will introduce yourself properly and provide all of the requested information. That will reassure us regarding the safety of our models. Remember, we never send photos by phone or email ever - not even for members of Congress.

Our ideal client knows the quality an accomplished, intelligent and warm woman can bring to an intimate introduction or a party. True connection cannot be built in a brief moment, but our models can certainly entice and fascinate you over the course of your time together, because their energy, their love of fun and their interest in having a party with you is the difference the New York GFE experience o!ers.

Be a Part of the New York GFE Experience

You have many choices of escort services in NYC, but we know what you're really looking for in an encounter is an enjoyable party experience you will never forget and want to revisit time and time again. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed by our NYC escorts. We prioritize discretion, confidentiality, security and give you luxury, enjoyment and honest connections with beautiful women who you would never guess have a party girl living inside of them - a party girl they only let out for you.

We are not in this business in order to maximize the amount of clients that we have, or to accept every caller's booking. We take the time to carefully select our clients, just as we do our models. We want quality to be synonymous with the fun of New York GFE Club and we want to bring two (or more!) people together for an experience that is mutually enjoyable. We want to provide you with a suitable match from our selection of party girls and model in order to provide you with a woman whose company you will enjoy. We strive for 100 percent honesty when we arrange appointments for our clients. We don't offer just whoever is available to you as other agencies may because we want you to have the best and most enjoyable experience we can possibly provide.

We want to build long-term relationships with our elite clientele, and we want that relationship to be built on trust. That is why we operate with integrity and loyalty and take the services we o!er very seriously. We want to provide the quality and luxury that you would expect from Manhattan escorts and nothing less. We look forward to discussing your needs, desires and preferences with you so that we can help you let go of your cares and let your inner rockstar out.

All you have to do is contact us today or fill out our reservation form to get started. Then you'll be on your way to an incredibly fun and unforgettable experience courtesy of New York GFE Club.

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